Pamukkale tours in Turkey Inner Aegean region at a distance of 20 km from the town of Denizli. This rapidly developing district in the Menderes valley, which enjoys a temperate climate over the greater part of the year, has all the conditions required for an ideal touristic resort.The tectonic movements that took place in the fault depression of the Menderes river basin gave rise to the emergence of a number of very hot springs, and it is the water from one of these springs, with its large mineral content, chalk in particular, that has created the natural wonder now known as Pamukkale (Cotton Fortress)element found in water is Calcium and Carbondioxide.This is the reason of the white layers and the travertines.The waters, wich include Aluminum and sulfur in the composition, are especially good for the health. So, these spas are frequently visited because of this.These waters made the city and important cure and health center with its many public and private baths.This water has been good for coroner diseases, high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis.Another specality of this water is, that cures skin diseases, allergic cases,and also good in strenghthening and curing the eye muscles. Hierapolis City Plan Many temples were built in order to treat people, and the priests would take care of their patients in these temples.Not only ill people would come to the spas.Counsils, kings and philosopfers too,would visit Hierapolis to have fun and to entertain themselves.

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