House of Virgin Mary

Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus Christ, has an important place in Christian creed and practice. The New Testament is the source of most of the information about Virgin Mary. However, it is possible to say that the information there is limited and insufficient to build a whole life story. Mary's name is mentioned for the first time in the New Testament, when Gabriel heralds her that she is conceived to give birth to Jesus Christ as a result of a favor of God (Lucas 1:26 cont.). The chapters in which Virgin Mary stands out as an important actor are the stories about the birth of Jesus Christ (Lucas 2:1 cont.) and his losing his life being crucified (Johannes 19:26 cont.)

According to St.John's Gospel, before his death,Jesus pointed at St.John and said,"Women, here is your son" and then pointed at the Virgin Mary and said "Here is your Mother".The minutes of the Ecumenical Council of 431 indicate that four or six years after the dead of Jesus, St.John and the Virgin Mary came together to Ephesus, and for a short time stayed in the building, a section of which is now under Church of the Virgin Mary today. Later St. John moved the Virgin Mary to a house he had prepared for her on Bulbul Dagi(Bulbul Hill).As time went by, the location of the house was where Mary spend the last days of her life was forgotten it fell into ruins.

Do you know these ? The house and church of the Virgin Mary is in Ephesus, Turkey. The Seven Churches of Revelation and St.John's Bassilica are all in Ephesus Turkey St.John lived and died in Ephesus.St.Poul has been at Ephesus on several occasions.

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