Gulet Yacht Cabin Charters in Turkey

Cabin Charter Itineraries

Blue VoyageTurkey has become one of the most popular areas for gulet yacht charter holidays and Blue Voyages in the Mediterranean. So many aspects make Turkey a delightful Blue Voyage location. The popularity of Turkey as a gulet yacht charter destination lies as much in the fantastic Mediterranean climate as it does with the undeniable charm of its shores.

The cuisine in Turkey reflects a meeting point between Asia and Europe. Apart from the traditional shish kebabs and raki, there is amazingly fresh vegetables and good wine available, along with other provisions on your Blue Voyage route.

During the Blue Voyage season in Turkey, between mid April and October, the skies are blue and the waters are warm. In midsummer, Blue Voyage guests enjoy glorious sunsets and long evenings, under gentle winds and still seas. With stunning coastline, dotted with hundred of coves and bays, and an endless myriad of history and culture to explore, Turkey has an undeniable charm and intrigue for yacht charters.

The Blue Voyage extends you many opportunities on the cruising areas. Here below are the most popular Blue Voyage routes departing from the popular charter centers of Turkey:

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