Boat Charter in Turkey

People returning from Turkey always comment about the genuine friendship and warm welcome they receive from the Turkish people. Turkey offers good sailing winds and majestic coastal scenery, fjords and islands. The places one visits here are astonishingly beautiful that he feels his eyesight insufficient to appreciate all. Blue Voyage is a magnificent boat charter holiday in which one witnesses the breathing Anatolian Civilizations of millennium emerging out of the enchanting blue water of the Mediterranean. The outstanding monuments of Lycia would welcome you upon your visit the fabulous bays and islands.

The history, the sea and the sun have all together carved a wonderful beauty that you may consider it a genuine loss not to live through such an experience and feel the unique azure sea.

For your boat charter in Turkey, we can offer:

Private Boat Charter

Private Boat CharterIf you can prepare a group of your friends or family, you can charter a gulet boat with her crew. There won’t be anybody else then your party on board. The entire gulet and her crew are only in your service.The dates and the period are flexible except the peak season. You can plan your own route or choose one of our recommended itineraries.The boats are generally air-conditioned and upper category than the ones used in shared boat cabin charters. Your boat is confirmed and reserved at time of your firm booking with the name, photos, etc. Chartering a private boat is privacy. Just you and your family or friends, the people you want to be with.

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A Regular Boat Cabin Charter

Boat Cabin CharterIf you could not organize a group or could not afford to charter a boat for your own or prefer a budgetary cruise, you can still to join one of our programmed tours by taking a cabin what we called this "Regular Boat Cabin Charter". Days of embarkation and disembarkation and the program is fixed. You may choose to cruise on one of our popular cruise itineraries. The departures are guaranteed and the boat will leave the quay even the number of passengers fails to reach more than one person. The boats are generally from 18~24 meters and have between 4 to 8 cabins with private WC and shower per cabin. The category of yachts used for cabin charters can be standard or standard with AC upon your preference. The boat name are confirmed upon arrival.

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Bare Boat Charter

Sailing Boat ChartersWe are pleased to offer our guest charter a sailing boat in Turkey, as well. Our boats are fully insured for bare boat charter and carry all required safety equipment. Our team of experienced technicians work hard to ensure that our fleet is maintained and kept in perfect condition. We can also offer the services of a skipper should you require it during the first days of your charter or entire sailing. Turkey offers the perfect sailing holiday destination for couples, families or a group of friends, we will do our utmost to ensure that you have a wonderful boat charter along the Turkish Riviera.

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