Should we choose a Private Gulet or a Cabin Charter ?

If you can prepare a group of your friends or family, you can rent a crewed Gulet boat. This is a private boat charter. There won’t be anybody else then your party on board. During a private boat charter, you and your party will have the whole gulet and its crew at your disposal during the Blue Voyage. Just think of it as your own private charter boat. You can plan your own itinerary (even by including some Greek Islands) or choose one of our advices. The dates and the period are flexible.

You can choose between the boat options in our fleet according to capacity, budget, size, etc. You know the boat that you will cruise on. The prices are quoted for entire boat including crew, fuel up to 3-4 hours a day, Turkish harbor dues, transit log fee, etc. You may provision the food, drinks and beverages on board or buy from the Gulet.

Chartering a private boat is privacy. Just you and your family or friends, the people you want to be with.

If you could not organize a group or could not afford to rent a boat for your own, you still have a chance to experience a Blue Voyage. When there is just you and your partner, you can rent a cabin on a shared boat; called as “cabin charter” and join the 4-8 other couples on Turkey boat charter holiday. During a cabin charter, your Gulet boat will take a predefined sailing route. The menu is set. The drinks and beverages are extra available at the Gulet’s bar. Drinking from the boat bar is customary as tipping the crew and bringing drinks from outside is not expected. Days of embarkation and disembarkation and the program is fixed. The departures are guaranteed and the Gulet will leave the quay even the number of passengers fails to reach more than one person.

Gulets are from 18m to 30m and have between 5 to 10 cabins with private WC and shower per cabin. The category of boats used for cabin charters are standard and the boat size, name are confirmed upon arrival.

Where can we cruise during a Private Gulet Charter? What are the itineraries on a Cabin Charter?

On a Private Gulet Charter, you can plan your own itinerary (even by including some Greek Islands) or choose one of our advices. To have a rough idea about what you will see on your Blue Voyage, you may take a look at the some shared boat charter programs listed in our web page . These Blue Voyage routes are only suggestions, as your own Private Gulet Charter will be planned according to your wishes and interests. Together with your Captain, you can also update these itineraries; you can stop by the places you like more or skip the places that you may not get interested.

On a cabin charter, the program is set. Your Gulet boat will take a predefined Blue Voyage itinerary